Total Portfolio Activity 17% Total Assets Under Management 300,000,000
Targeted Investor IRR 15 Targeted Equity Multiple 2
Targeted Average Cash Yield 10 Targeted Investment Period 5
Property Type Hotel Location|MSA New York
Targeted Project IRR 15 Sponsor Co-Invest ($) 1,000,000,000
Sponsor Co-Invest (%) 10 Offers Due 2022/02/18
Funds Due 2022/02/18 Targeted Distribution Start Date 2022/02/18
Initial Posting Date 2022-02-18 14:53:21
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Details on investment structure, promote structure, fees, and targeted cash flow tables

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  • The Project. Located in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, Villas de Bahia Boqueron Development Corp. comprises a total of 911 - acres (including a 141 - acre airport parcel) and a white - sandy beachfront that extends over a mile.
  • The property has been assembled through various acquisitions over the last 15 years. Cabo Rojo Land Holdings LLC (CRLH) has entered into a purchase agreement to own 100% of the assembled properties.
  • In addition, the overall development project has garnered support from Puerto Rico’s Department of Economic Development and Commerce.
  • Further, Federal and Local HUD officials have suggested that the project is a likely candidate for a portion of the over $18.5 billion in HUD CDBG Disaster Relief Grants that are being allocated directly to developers to offset development costs that illustrate direct economic development opportunities (primarily job creation, housing and sustainable micro grid systems) for the surrounding communities.
  • HUD has been authorized by Congress to provide grants directly to private economic development efforts.
Pueto Rico
The Business Plan

WARD’s objective will be to continue Prieto’s successful opportunistic real estate investment activities, with focus on repositioning underperforming hotel and resorts in the United States.  At the Crowne Plaza in Syracuse, New York  this will entail the following: 

  • The Property will be converted into a HardRock Hotel and ASNE Club from a Crown Plaza Hotel. 
  • WARD will renovate the existing hotel spaces to meet brand standards and invest in various upgrades to the property that will allow for it’s uses per ASNE Club standards. 
  • WARD will enter into a management agreement with HVMG and Mr. Pro-Fun for the day-to-day operations and construction management. 
  • The ASNE Club:  I.e. Amusement City  will enter into a lease for approximately TBD, now commonly  known as the ballroom spaces, rooftop terrace, restaurant for an annual rent payment of $1,000,000 NNN and will provide a letter of credit of $1,000,000.
The Property

The Cabo Rojo Land Use Plan will be comprised of the following major development components:

  • Full - Service Destination Resort Hotel – 600 rooms with additional guest facilities such as restaurants, swimming pool, fitness center, business center, childcare, conference facilities and social function services
  • A health club and spa of 30,500 square feet
  • Residential – Single- Family - Including a total of 222 home sites; 22 waterfront home sites, 100 ocean view home sites and 100 mountain home sites
  • Residential – Villas - including 328 market rate villa units with the ability of having daily resort management services (potentially fractional ownership with an on - going management for maintenance, rentals and sales) and another 600 affordable/employee villa units
  • Marina – 200 slips with a full - service marina
  • Retail Village – Located in the town center with approximately 25,000 to 50,000 square fee
  • Community Waste to Energy Plant, wastewater treatment/rainwater recapture system and water storage facilities
  • Airport upgraded from 4,000 feet runway to 5,000 feet and terminal

The site plan for the club is currently in development.  The polo fields will serve as a buffer zone between the barns, hangars and the airstrip.  Surrounding areas will be fenced in while an exercise track will encompass the area.  

Physical Details
  • These special lairs feature a unique clam shell mechanism that allows them to open and close, to protect the homes from the elements when not in use.
  • These special lairs feature a unique clam shell mechanism that allows them to open and close, to protect the homes from the elements when not in use.
  • These special lairs feature a unique clam shell mechanism that allows them to open and close, to protect the homes from the elements when not in use.
  • Aston Martin Design, in collaboration with BIG, will develop the interiors and create an oasis that delivers on the promise of a new definition of luxury, modern sustainable living.


  • 20th Floor Horizons Ballroom
  • Business Center
  • Fitness Center
  • Sporting Club
  • Barns, Hangar, Turnouts
  • Tracks and Fields
  • Polo Fields

This new luxury enclave is the ideal launch location for a unique collaboration between one of the world’s iconic heritage brands, Aston Martin, and one of today’s most progressive architects, BIG.

These 12 lairs will serve as a beacon for innovation and sustainability. The homes will have advanced sustainable features like alternative energy sources, efficient building materials, and local farm-to-table food sourcing.

They will celebrate a fusion of nature and technology, in the spirit of Q, the mythological inventor from the 007 films.

The Aston Martin BIG Cabo Rojo Lair design is focused on creating a unique, “blended” emotional state for residents and guests:

Compound branding core themes:

  • Covert / Secretive
  • Celebration of craft
  • Love of art
  • Nature integration
  • Heritage meets futurism
  • Fetishizes technology
  • Orchestral
  • Seductive
  • Ethereal Advanced Sustainability - eco-friendly

Swimming pool


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